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About VGP Universal Kingdom

Vgp universal kingdom is today one of the most innovative amusement park in Chennai. Believing that “fun is a serious business ” the managing director Mr. Ravidas is a chip of the old block, being the eldest son of the founder, he has also inherited a razor sharp intellect and the zest to better the best. Currently with more than 30 rides he has brought in more scintillating rides like the family roller coaster, the first of its kind in India, the mixer ride, the hydro bike, from all over Europe and United States. The latest collection of imported animated dolls has become the talk of the town literally. The entire amusement park has been set in carefully landscaped terrain, amidst exquisite green velvet grass, luxuriant gardens, paved walkways, elaborate food courts, gushing, sparkling fountains, the whole works. More effort and money has been spared to make this park resplendent.