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About Suraj Water Park

A visit to the Suraj Water Park is the perfect way to spend the day, filled with fun and amusement. The wave pool, stimulating the waves of sea, is a big hit amongst the crowd. The Ulat Pulat long runner ride starts head up but lands head down. Dhadkan – heart beat – is a double ride – the force you go up, you come back screaming. The slides at the Suraj Water Park provide you with the adrenaline rush and are perfect for the fun-seekers. Serpentine ride Ding-Dong-Sing-Song swings you screaming. The Labak, Zabak and Matak slides are the most adventurous of all, with their 100 ft dive that stretches on for a length of 350 ft. Just go on from one slide to another and lose yourself in the fun and excitement. For the children, there is Nanha Tal, a tower with 16 rides to learn children how to dare for the big rides, which provides the same level of excitement.