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About Old Goa

Bijapur Sultanate built old Goa, the 15th century city, which served as capital during Portuguese rule. Situated at a 9km drive from Panaji, Old Goa is declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. The renaissance architecture seen here is awe-inspiring. The city was at its peak with its stupendous splendor during Portuguese rule. However, with the onset of plague, the city was almost wiped off its population. But for the churches, almost all other buildings were pulled down. The rubble was used in the construction of Panaji, the new capital. Almost all the forts are in ruins. The monuments in Old Goa stand proof to the architectural excellence of the people in 16th-18th century. Only 7 out of 60 churches belonging to the period before 18th century stand the test of time. St. Catherine Chapel, Church of Saint Francis and Church of Born Jesus represent the style of the bygone era. A must-visit site if you aim to know about the glories of the past.

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