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About Kangra

One of the scenic valleys in Himachal Pradesh, Kangra, is not just rich in nature but also in history and culture. It has a rich past, which could be gauged by the fact that its name is mentioned in the epic Mahabharata. This picturesque valley has some of the beautiful attractions to offer.
• Kangra Fort andTibetan Museum
• Bir

Kangra Fort andTibetan Museum

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The Kangra Fort was considered to be built by Raja Susharma Chandra around 1500 BC when he fought the Mahabharatha war against the Pandavas. The fort has been a site of the various battles and was annexed several times by various different dynasties and kingdoms. The fort complex also houses a Tibetan museum that contains the details of how the Tibetans arrived and established their stronghold in Himachal Pradesh in India. While Kangra is a small town with a fewer number of listed attractions, the rich history and the rule of the ancient Katoch dynasty has had a deep influence on the culture of the Kangra valley. The place is an undiscovered gem and hiking around the town is the best way to experience and discover the various attraction that the city houses.


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The nearby town of Bir is another major tourist attraction in Kangra. The place is considered to be one of the major strongholds of the Tibetan refugee settlements in India and is famous for its various Buddhist monasteries in India. Billing is a location famous for offering the visitors a chance to try their hands at Paragliding. Billing is considered to be one of the highest spots for paragliding in India and is famous among most young hikers and adventurers.

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