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About Sirmaur

Sirmaur is located on the south-eastern part of the state. The district is famous for its peach, which is from Rajgarh region, famously called the Peach Bowl. Fossils aging 85 million years have been found here. Every one of the destinations here is important and interesting.
• Churdhar Peak
• Haripur

Churdhar Peak

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Located at an elevation of 3,646 meters above sea level, Churdhar is one of the highest peaks in Himachal Pradesh. It is a holy spot and is considered to be one of the holy places of Lord Shiva. Churdhar is the place which was considered to house the life restoring herb that Lord Hanuman took to heal the injured Lakshamana during the events of the epic, Ramayana. The area is surrounded by a thick cover of flora and fauna and is one of the famous trekking hotspots in Himachal Pradesh.


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Located at an elevation of 2687 meters above sea level, Haripur is crowned atop a mountain called Haripur Dhar. The town also features a fort on one of the hillocks which was constructed by the rulers of Sirmaur and overlooks the entire valley. The place is famous for its various trekking spots and a temple known as Maa Bhangayani Temple that is frequented by several pilgrims.

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