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About Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji boasts of being the second wettest place on earth. It may have lost its first place to Mawsynram, which is 16 km away from Cherrapunji, but it has won the hearts of tourists thanks to its picturesque landscapes. With Mother Nature being lavish in her offerings to this land, you are sure to find Cherrapunji to be a heaven on earth. The land is also the only place in the country to receive rainfall round the year. Here are the leading attractions in Cherrapunji.

• Nohkalikai Falls

• Mawsmai Cave

• Mawmluh Cave

• Krem Phyllut Cave

• Kynrem Falls

• Nohsngithiang Falls

• Eco Park

• Cherrapunji Theological College at Nongsawlia

• Thangkharang Park

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